€1m diamond heist in Ireland – Made in Lithuania


The smash and grab-style robbery was carried out with military-style precision with the men spending only 90 seconds on the premises of the Galway City jewelry shop before calmly leaving with two rucksacks crammed with 16 trays of diamond rings and 32 Rolex watches, reports the Irish Independent.

“The evidence strongly suggests this robbery was meticulously planned and these men were probably under contract to carry it out. All of them knew where to go and what to look for in the shop,” said the judge in the men’s trial.

The four man team was “recruited” to carry out the heist under a contract according to prosecutors, reported The Irish Independent. Irmantas Paulauskas, Saulius Repecka, Erikas Matusevicius and Vaidas Pinelis (28) were caught shortly after carrying out the robbery by Irish police.

The rucksacks with the diamonds and watches were later found by Irish police hidden under a bush on a nearby lake, Lough Atalia.

Paulauskas was sentenced to 14 years in prison after denying his involvement while the other three men were sentenced to eight year jail terms after admitting their guilt. However, the trial judge said people with local knowledge must also have played a part in the heist.

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