EC president calls Lithuania “success story” for all Eastern neighbours

Jean-Claude Juncker

The EC president stressed that the 11 March 1990 “went down in the world’s history as a decisive step by the Lithuanian people into freedom and the right to decide their own fate”.

“It was a time when we saw the restoration of European unity and the release of millions of people from tyranny into freedom. It is nothing less than a miracle of history. There is no more place for borders and oppression in Europe,” Juncker said in his message of congratulation.

In his words, over the last 25 years, the Lithuanian people have made “astounding achievements”. “You have modernized the economy, delivered complex reforms and joined the European family,” he said. “In holding the Presidency of the Council of the EU and by joining the euro, you have proved your engagement and commitment at the core of the European Union. You are a success story and a testament for all our Eastern neighbors. In 25 years, a new generation of Lithuanian people grew up in freedom. I am confident they will keep moving Europe forward.”

25 years ago, Lithuania became the first republic to declare its independence from the Soviet Union.

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