Electric vehicle use grows while charging infrastructure lags behind

As of the beginning of April, there were 222 electric vehicles registered in Lithuania, according to the Lithuanian Electric Vehicle Association. At the same time last year, there were half as many electric vehicles – 104.

The greatest upcoming growth in the number of charging stations will occur in Vilnius, where the business centres being built on the right bank of the Neris will introduce a number of new charging stations. In many countries, electric vehicle charging stations are becoming a standard part of new business centres.

However, the centre of Vilnius currently only has two regular charging stations and one express charging station. Lines form at the electric vehicle charging station near the Opera and Ballet Theatre.

“The right bank of the Neris and electric vehicles have one thing in common – their importance in the city of Vilnius will only increase. This is why we pay special attentions to electric vehicles in the projects we develop,” said Marius Žemaitis, a fund manager at Lords LB Asset Management.

Žemaitis indicated that four new electric vehicle charging stations will be opened to the public once the k29 business centre is opened. There are also plans to install an electric vehicle charging station at the underground parking centre next to the VCUP shopping centre.

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