Emigrants returning to Lithuania need municipal support – president

“In the president’s words, local administrations should take every measure to facilitate return of the population and make them feel welcome and needed,” the presidential press service said.

Tauragė is the only city in Lithuania that operates a register of emigrants, maintains contacts with the people and help them find jobs in their home region, the President’s Office said.

Grybauskaitė visited Ansell, an international company based in an industrial park and hiring Tauragė residents upon their return from emigration. It currently has 197 employees, including 25 who have returned from abroad. At the meeting with the emigrants, the president discussed what is needed to bring people back to Lithuania.

The Tauragė industrial park offers 800 jobs, including a tenth created by Taurage residents who have returned from emigration. Foreign investments have been attracted to the park by private efforts.

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