Environment-friendly logistics Centre of SBA Group will shortly astonish us with its unique architecture

SBA Group logistics centre
SBA Group

“Warehouses that are built in prominent locations near the main roads of Lithuania are simply angled giants that have invaded the space as foreign objects. In agreement with the client, we pursued to build a new logistics centre in a way that would set a unique example of how an industrial logistics complex can integrate and co-exist with the environment, and at the same time attract attention with its distinctive look”, says Rolandas Palekas, architect and winner of the Lithuanian National Culture and Art Prize.

He hopes that the logistics center will make a model of a new, long-lasting and totally environment-friendly industrial architecture trend.

The project assumes that, from the main road, the building of the logistics centre will visually create the impression of a highland due to the specially shaped “hill” turned green. This green structure of the sloping roof will cover a parking lot and a recreational area with a basketball court underneath it.

Lionginas Šepetys, Director of Urban Inventors, SBA Group real estate innovation company developing the logistics centre, admits that the harmony sought between a unique building and the environment will require additional investment, and will also be a major challenge for builders, but this will also give effect to the company’s strategic direction that has long been chosen and proven.

“We develop exclusive green business centres in Vilnius and Kaunas. By developing these projects, we not only seek to make leaseholders feel comfortable, but also pay great attention to the environment. We strive to ensure that the technologies used have the least possible impact on nature, and that the buildings naturally match the landscape. We are now adopting these high standards towards industrial construction too”, says L. Šepetys.

He names the solutions that will be implemented in the logistics centre near Klaipėda: it will be equipped with geothermal heating, having almost no impact on the environment, the electricity will be produced by the solar power plant, and the smart LED lighting system will be installed.

“We bear in mind not only the view that the passers-by will see on the Vilnius-Klaipėda highway, but also the future employees of the logistics centre – the greened building has not only a visual purpose. The offices under the green roof will not heat up in the summer and will save heat in the winter, the load on the storm sewer system will be reduced”, says Karolina Burbaitė, atchitect of Paleko studijos and one of the designers of the project.

It is expected that the first stage of the complex development near Klaipėda will be completed at the end of this year. Investments in the 30,000 sq. m Innovo logistika centre will amount to approximately EUR 18 million. The logistics centre will help SBA furniture companies, manufacturing products for the Swedish concern IKEA, to organise the supply chain more efficiently, yet it will also be available to other domestic furniture manufacturers.

The buildings designed by Urban Inventors, that develops a logistics centre, have been awarded prestigious awards for their innovation and environmental friendliness. Green Hall 2 has won the Architectural Building Award of the Year, and has also become the best Future Project, and the architectural concept of the Kaunas Unity Square has been recognised as the best in the Urban Space category in the German design awards.

The SBA Group includes furniture, textile, real estate and investment management companies. The furniture manufacturing group consists of SBA baldų kompanija, which manages Klaipėdos baldai, Šilutės baldai, Germanika, Visagino linija, Mebelain as well as Kauno baldai. The textile group owns Utenos trikotažas together with Šatrija and Mrija. SBA Group also manages Urban Inventors, a real estate innovation company, developing Green Hall business centres in Vilnius and BLC in Kaunas, as well as Capitalica Asset Management, an investment management company.

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