Ethics chief refuses to step down

Romas Valentukevičius
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“I don’t feel that I violated the Constitution, the law or the COEC regulations by responding to the MP’s request for clarification as to whether or not she had to declare (her interests),” he told reporters on Tuesday.

Valentukevičius said that he was ready to face a vote of confidence in the Seimas.

Valentukevičius informed Viktoras Pranckietis, the speaker of the Seimas, in a letter on Tuesday that he was not accepting the speaker’s call for him to resign, Dalia Vencevičienė, an advisor to Pranckietis, told BNS.

Pranckietis last week called on Valentukevičius to resign, saying that the chairman harmed the Chief Official Ethics Commission’s reputation when he made a unilateral decision that MP Greta Kildišienė was not under the obligation to declare that she was driving a car leased by her mother from Agrokoncernas.

The speaker then mentioned that he might initiate a procedure to dismiss Valentukevičius from his job if he did not tender his resignation.

The COEC head is nominated by the speaker of the Seimas and appointed and dismissed by the full parliament.

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