EU approves €191 million funding for Lithuania Rail Baltica project

This means that €191 million will go to Rail Baltica projects in Lithuania, which will cover 85% of the project’s costs.

This money will cover the cost of traffic management and signaling systems along the Rail Baltica stretch from the Polish border to Kaunas. The systems along the stretch from Kaunas to Balstogė will allow trains to increase their speed, at certain sections reaching 150km/h.

The Rail Baltica line will also be extended from Kaunas towards the Latvian border. The 55-km-long stretch will have a railway bed and other infrastructural elements like viaducts, sluices, bypasses, bridges, etc.

“We reached the point where the EU will finance 85% of this stage of Rail Baltica. This is the maximum possible limit and we concentrated all of our forces. We were supported by the Ministry of Transportation and Communication and the special Seimas task group,” said Rail Baltica Construction chief Dainius Budrys.

The Rail Baltica project in Lithuania has received more than €320 million from the EU. The railway will connect Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia – and Finland with the help of a rail ferry.

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