Every tenth Lithuanian admits illegally downloading music, films and books from internet

"The Pirate Bay"

The survey by Spinter Tyrimai showed that three percent of Lithuanians always download music and films illegally. Nine percent do so “most often”. Usually such files are downloaded from the internet or copied from friends.

Forty percent said they used only legally-acquired files, while 18 percent said they did so “most often”. A quarter of those surveyed said they used both legally and illegally-acquired files.

Two thirds admitted that it was important or very important to them to use legally acquired intellectual property. One third said it was not important for them.

The majority of respondents said they most often downloaded films (11 percent), music (10 percent), photos, software or computer games (6 percent each).

1,002 Lithuanian residents, aged 18-75, took part in the survey on 12-22 December.

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