FDI flow into Lithuania down while Lithuania’s direct investment abroad up

According to preliminary data, in 2014 the FDI flow into Lithuania was EUR 163.5 (0.5 percent of GDP) and compared to 2013 went down by EUR 189.8 million or 2.2 times. Last year, the positive FDI flow in Lithuania was determined by increasing reinvestment (EUR 486.1 million) and investment into equity instruments (EUR 74.4 million).

In 2014, the FDI growth was the fastest from the following countries: Cyprus (EUR 237.4 million), Latvia (EUR 150 million), Sweden (EUR 136.5 million), and the Netherlands (EUR 110.2 million), while the biggest FDI decrease was from Russia (-EUR332.3 million), Denmark (-EUR130.3 million), Germany (-EUR 89.4 million), and the United Kingdom (-EUR 59.2 million).

Last year, Lithuanian investors invested the most in Luxembourg (EUR 36.4 million), Latvia (EUR 18.8 million), and Spain (EUR 4.1 million), while the Lithuanian direct investment decreased the most in Cyprus (-EUR 39.9 million), Estonia (-EUR 19.4 million), and Russia (-EUR 17.6 million).

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