First commercial gas shipment delivered to Lithuania’s new LNG terminal

"Arctic Aurora"
M.Milinio nuotr.

The ship delivered 141,000 cubic metres of LNG which will be supplied to the system from 1 January. After regasification the LNG shipment will be turned into 80.9 million cubic metres of natural gas. It is expected that it will take 48 hours to pump the gas into the floating storage and regasification unit, the Independence.

It was announced earlier that gas would be sold to electricity and heating producers, whereas the surplus would be up for sale for other consumers. The first commercial shipment belongs to Litgas, which in accordance to the contract with Norway’s Statoil will guarantee the supply of necessary amount of gas to Lithuania, i.e., 540 million cubic metres per year.

Previously, in October, LNG tanker Golar Seal delivered 100,000 cubic metres of gas to the LNG terminal for testing.

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