Former Vilnius mayor suggests joining forces with Liberal Movement

Artūras Zuokas
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

“We have made a decision to approach the Liberal Movement and unite, in order not to split the vote, so that there is one liberal party in the elections,” Zuokas told BNS following his party’s council meeting on Saturday.

The Lithuanian Freedom Union does not have any seats in the current parliament, but Zuokas says the party has good chances of forming a parliamentary group in the next one.

“Our plan is to have a Seimas group, al least 10 seats. We are also planning to win up to six single-member districts,” Zuokas said.

Eligijus Masiulis, leader of the Liberal Movement, says that while his party welcomes liberally-minded politicians, there are no plans for institutional mergers.

“The door is open, but everyone who wants to join the Liberal Movement is evaluated individually and we have a high bar for political ethics and culture,” Masiulis told, adding that party mergers should not be decided by leaders alone.

He said he did not see Zuokas’ Lithuanian Freedom Union as serious competition.

Asked weather Zuokas has approached him about joining the Liberal Movement, Masiulis said: “We have not received any such request […]. We believe that political culture and ethics are important parts of the political process, therefore we are definitely not considering such requests.”

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