FSRU The Independence to dock at Klaipėda LNG terminal on 27 October

Mock training, Indepencence ship in the Klaipėda port
DELFI (V.Spurytės nuotr.)

“As scheduled, on 27 October. Another ship is to deliver gas on October 28. That gas will be pumped into our FSRU for testing,” Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius told reporters in Klaipėda.

Butkevičius, who chaired a meeting of a commission in charge of the LNG terminal project implementation, said that the testing of the terminal will begin in November.

“We expect that the testing of the entire infrastructure will start in mid-November,” he said.
According the vessel positions tracking website Marinetraffic.com, the Independence has entered the Kattegat, off Denmark.

The Klaipėda LNG terminal is to be officially launched on 3 December.

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