Funky interior and fair-priced food doesn’t feel ‘Secondhand’

Dėvėti Bar. Photo:

The bar/restaurant is more known as an evening venue, catching the evening sun with raised counters outside for those wishing to imbibe and smoke. The name comes from the shop that used to occupy the venue, selling secondhand clothes.

The menu had shortened by the time we arrived for lunch because of the high volume of business the chef assured us. It has to be said the vivacious French chef’s confidence lent a flair to an otherwise simple meal, even when he said that our choices from the day menu were out.

Soup is a staple of every Lithuanian meal and we ordered an Orange and Tomato version that was light and tangy but lacked a bit of body. Still, for the coming summer, the combination could be a refreshing change in hotter temperatures.

The chicken teriyaki portion was generous in size but was also a bit sweeter than expected for what should have been a more savoury dish. For better or for worse, we were limited to a narrow view of Dėvėti’s culinary offerings given our late arrival.

For the price (€4), the soup and teriyaki main course were filling and quite satisfying but you couldn’t call it haute cuisine. However, at that price it was a hearty meal, and what then would you expect in a funky station bar but something a little untamed.


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