Govt representative turns to court over bilingual street signs in Vilnius

Warsaw str. sign in Polish in Vilnius
DELFI / Orestas Gurevičius

“The municipality has refused to remove the signs, therefore, we turned to the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court,” Vaičiūnienė told BNS on Tuesday.

In her words, the street signs in foreign languages run counter to the legal acts, which requires that all public signs in Lithuania should be in the official language. She said that the non-Lithuanian signs also violated the procedures of indicating addresses of buildings.

The municipality, in its turn, said that the bilingual street signs are in line with all legal acts, as their function is not to inform but to serve as a decoration.

Vaiciuniene has dismissed the municipality’s argumentation as invalid.

“Anything like that can be encapsulated in any cover, however, the content remains the same,” said the government’s representative.

A total of seven bilingual street signs have been put up in the Lithuanian capital.

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