Group of MPs propose to impeach fellow MP Majauskas

Mykolas Majauskas
DELFI / Andrius Ufartas

A draft resolution was registered in the parliament on Tuesday, suggesting setting up a commission to investigate the MP’s conduct.

Stasys Jakeliūnas, chairman of the parliamentary Committee on Budget and Finances, says the potential basis for impeachment includes testimonies which emerged in March, Majauskas’ decision to turn to prosecutors, as well as potential reputational damage to the parliamentary Commission for Suicide and Violence Prevention, whose former chairman and now a member Majauskas is.

Jakeliūnas says over 40 MPs back the impeachment initiative.

Majauskas says the accusations are absurd and have nothing to do with reality.

Last summer, Vilnius prosecutors halted a pre-trial investigation into alleged smearing of Majauskas after the Info TV channel refused to disclose the identity of the young woman who provided information on Majauskas.

The woman claims that Majauskas used to consume alcohol with schoolgirls and young women in the past, regularly attended parties and tried to bring girls into his apartment and perform improper actions of sexual nature.

Majauskas rejects these accusations and calls them slander.

Earlier, law enforcement institutions decided against launching an investigation against Majauskas due to a lack of official or any other connection between Majauskas and the women who provided information about him.

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