Guoga says Liberal Movement corruption may go deeper than Masiulis

Antanas Guoga
DELFI / Domantas Pipas

He said that the party’s structure could have been affected by a mafia-like structure.

“Time will tell. But there could be other people. According to what the prosecutor has said publicly, if you know how to read, how to listen, you can hear what the prosecutor said: there are probably more people than just Eligijus who participated in this stuff,” Guoga told LRT.

“I think that the members of this party, most of them are idea-focused people, but some of them depend on magnates who, unfortunately, have made some mistakes over a long time and who have been unable to isolate themselves from those mistakes. They were pressured by that Kurlianskis [Raimondas Kurlianskis, the president of the MG Baltic business group being accused of offering a bribe to Masiulis – LT] to do things that would benefit that magnate,” said Guoga, who also said that he was meeting with the Special Investigation Service (STT) and the Financial Crime Service through his own initiative.

“We want to say everything we can, reveal what we can, rid ourselves of this cancer and move forward. There is a mafia structure here and it is large,” said Guoga.

The STT suspects that Kurlianskis offered a bribe of more than €100,000 to Masiulis. Kurlianskis has been arrested, and Masiulis is considered a special witness in the investigation.

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