Half Lithuanians perceive widespread gender inequality

Atlyginimų skirtumai
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Lithuanians believe that the areas most permeated with gender stereotypes are work (37 percent), the media (28 percent) and politics (24 percent).

According to the survey, 76 percent of the polled EU citizens and 72 percent of Lithuanians stated that tackling inequality between men and women should be a priority for the EU. On average 79 percent of the polled women in the EU and 75 percent of women in Lithuania said that tackling gender inequality should be a priority for the EU.

64 percent of Lithuanian respondents said that the areas which should be dealt with the most urgently are: violence against women (64 percent), women being paid less than men for the same work (45 percent) and the unequal sharing of household tasks (21 Percent).

The results of the survey showed that 94 percent of all Europeans agree that equality between men and women is a fundamental right, compared to 80 percent in Lithuania.

68 percent of respondents said that inequalities between men and women are less widespread in their country compared to 10 years ago. However, 62 percent said it is still widespread nowadays. The proportion of answers that inequalities between men and women are widespread was the highest in France (79 percent), Spain (76 percent) and Sweden (72 percent).

Most EU citizens said that gender stereotypes are mostly widespread at work (51 percent), in advertising (34 percent) and in the media (33 percent). Meanwhile they are the rarest in sports (18 percent) or at school (16 percent).

The survey interviewed 1,007 Lithuanian citizens.

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