Half of Lithuanians dissatisfied with how democracy works

Pensioners meeting in Vilnius
DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

In September 52 percent of
respondents were dissatisfied with how democracy is working in Lithuania, while
37 percent were satisfied. Another 11 percent had no opinion on the matter or
did not answer the question.

opinions on the issue were similar a month and a year ago.

often satisfied than not are people younger than 30, residents of cities,
people with higher education and monthly household income over LTL 2,500 (EUR
724), students, schoolchildren, directors, specialists and civil servants, as
well as right-wing voters.

more often dissatisfied than others are people older than 50, resident of rural
areas, respondents with secondary education and monthly household income of up
to LTL 1,500 (EUR 434), as well as left-wing voters.

September supporters of the Liberals’ Movement and the Homeland Union –
Lithuanian Christian Democrats were among the most satisfied with how democracy
is working. Meanwhile, supporters of the Electoral Action of Poles in
Lithuania, the Order and Justice Party and the Labour party were most

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