How Lidl has already affected Lithuania’s economy

DELFI / Karolina Pansevič

Besides the obvious potential of Lidl to shake up supermarket competition in Lithuania, Lidl has invested €60 million to open its stores across Lithuania with plans to invest the same amount in expansion next year. This may represent one of the year’s largest foreign direct investments in Lithuania.

Construction workers who built the stores and logistical centres, provided equipment and provided other services all profited from these investments.

The stores have already employed 1,467 workers who are reported to earn more than minimum wage.

The stores’ shelves will offer more than 300 Lithuanian products, meaning that producers will be able to expand their production, create workplaces and expand through Lidl’s network to other countries.

Lidl has also said that it will only buy Lithuanian energy from renewable resources and that it will invest in the ISM University in Vilnius.

One of the most anticipated changes, however, will be potential price reductions across all Lithuanian supermarkets as competition begins to increase, and leads to expected price wars between the chains.

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