‘I put maximum commitment into safeguarding Lithuanian culture’ – Hon Consul Naples

Autoriaus nuotr.

My interest in Lithuania was born from the knowledge of this wonderful country discovered during scientific congresses and international sports events I attended. I was fascinated by the history and the culture of Lithuania and I was lucky enough to be able to speak with the beautiful Embassy of Lithuania in Rome, to which I asked to be able to have the honor to be Honorary Consul.

I am a surgeon specialist of sports medicine, hygiene and orthodontics, and the national Counselor of the Italian Federation of Sport Medicine, Provincial Director of the National Association of Maimed and Civil Invalids and professor in Masters of the Second University of Naples, Faculty of Medicine and Surgery.

My next big project is to be able to give rise to cultural exchange and friendship between Lithuania and Campania, to donate a marble art work of St. Casimir, ordered by me, to the city and to the Church of Vilnius, and to give more strength to the double degree master course in economics and international marketing created by the Partenope University of Naples and the Faculty of Economcs of Vilnius.

In the work of an Honorary Consul should be put a maximum of institutional commitment to safeguard Lithuanian culture and the Lithuanian citizens in Campania. It is important always to put ethics in the foreground and also protect their image and their responsibilities in the interests of Lithuania. I also plan to promoting more trade fairs and exhibitions in Italy and in Lithuania.

The relationship between Italy and Lithuania is an established friendship and has a mutually positive impact.

I like everything about Lithuania but especially the livability, the environment, culture, serenity, quality of life and the seriousness of Lithuanian citizens.

The future? I am looking forward to my next trip to Lithuania.

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