Interior minister briefed on disloyal officers at Public Security Service

DELFI / Ainis Gurevičius

“Yes, I received the information from the chief of the Public Security Service, stamped ‘classified’, and all this material has been passed over to institutions that are handling the investigations,” Skvernelis told reporters on Monday.

Problems at the Public Security Service was brought up by the agency’s new chief Ričardas Pocius in a recent interview with DELFI. He said that under his predecessor, the service had been plagued by nepotism and questionable loyalties of some of its employees.

Subsequently Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius asked the State Security Department and the Ministry of the Interior to investigate the allegations.

“Today, we handed over the entire report to the government, as per the prime minister’s instruction, and addressed all the issues raised by the prime minister,” Skvernelis said.

Asked when the information will be released publicly, the interior minister said some of it concerns state or service secrets. “You will have to take their [leaders of the Public Security Service] word for it, that there are no longer any such [disloyal] individuals in the service,” he said. He added that some of the suspects had access to classified information.

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