Karbauskis: I am convinced president understands nation’s will

Ramūnas Karbauskis and Dalia Grybauskaitė
DELFI montažas

“I am almost certain, although I haven’t yet spoken with the president, that the president realizes what the nation’s will is and that the second coalition partner is not as important now. Due to the vote of confidence secured by the Peasant and Green Union, the most important thing is how capable we are to implement the changes we spoke about in the election campaign. This is why it is not as important whether one coalition partner or another,” Karbauskis told BNS on Monday morning.

He voiced conviction that the formation of the ruling coalition would first of all depend on the votes won in the parliamentary election.

“The situation is that the numbers and group sizes may be unexpected to many, however, they are as they are. I hope there will be no attempts to tell us what the coalition should be,” said Karbauskis.

The Peasant and Green Union’s leader restated that the party would first of all invite the conservative Homeland Union – Christian Democrats and the Social Democrats for coalition talks.

According to data provided by the Central Electoral Commission, the Peasant and Green Union scored a victory in run-off Lithuania’s parliamentary elections, winning 35 mandates in Sunday’s voting and securing 54 seats in the 141-member Seimas together with the 19 mandates won in multi-member voting.

Listed by the party’s leader as potential coalition partners, the conservative Homeland Union – Lithuanian Christian Democrats came in second with 31 seats, while the other potential partner, the Social Democrats, won 17 mandates.

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