Karbauskis sees MP scandal as 1st serious attempt to undermine Government

Ramūnas Karbauskis
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

“First of all, I’d like to apologize for the fact that, for the second week now, public discussions have centered around issues other plans or work of the Seimas and the government. It is obvious now that this is the first serious attempt to undermine the government that has been elected by people,” Karbauskis wrote on his Facebook page on Tuesday.

“If the aim was to break our will, the result is just the opposite. The stepping down of the member of the Seimas is not a sign of weakness. She gave up her MP mandate to make it clear to everyone in Lithuania that this attack had a different purpose and she was simply first in line. I hope that (she is) the last, because no more members of our political group will resign without actual evidence that Lithuanian laws have been violated,” he said.

According to Karbauskis, last week showed that “attacks against the Seimas majority and the government will be fierce and ruthless, sparing neither those attacked nor their families”.

“Last week’s events only strengthened my resolve to mobilize our political group and our coalition and to step up support for the government we appointed in order to bring about the changes people hoped for when they came to the polls,” he said.

Kildišienė, deputy chairwoman of the LPGU and former deputy head of the party’s political group at the Seimas, said last Friday that she would resign as MP after it turned out that she had concealed from the party’s members that a pre-trial investigation had been opened a decade ago into alleged misappropriation by her of funds from her employer. The probe was closed after the money was returned.

Earlier in the same week, Kildišienė came under public scrutiny over a car leasing agreement between her mother and Agrokoncernas, a company owned by Karbauskis. The lawmaker used that car as well.

There were also public doubts about Kildišienė’s education and certain facts of her biography.

Kildisiene on Monday asked the Central Electoral Committee to annul her mandate as a member of the Seimas. The commission is to make its decision on Tuesday. It is also to announce a day for the election of a new MP in the Anykščiai-Panevėžys single-member constituency where Kildišienė was elected last autumn.

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