Klaipėda Port stands against EC’s requirements

Klaipėda port. DELFI / Šarūnas Mažeika

The European Commission (EC) once again initiated the infringement procedure against Lithuania related to the rules of the use of the port’s land. Giedrius Sudikas, Head of the Media Relations Division of the EC’s Office in Lithuania, says that the EC still has complaints over Paragraph 1 of Article 23 of the Law on Klaipėda State Seaport. The law stipulates that the land on which a building acquired by a tenant stands is to be leased without tendering procedures.

In mid-December Lithuanian MEP Antanas Guoga met with European Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc, afterwards he told ELTA news agency that the EC believes the seaport should be nationalised and only then may be leased out. The EU legislation does not provide for a private owner, instead, open competition should take place enabling other companies to enter Klaipėda seaport, lease land and build terminals freely.

MEP Guoga said that it was possible to harmonise the EU legislation and Lithuania’s interests, but the EC’s understanding was necessary, which the politician said was shown. Nonetheless Lithuania will still have to do homework on its part and amend laws regulating the port’s activities.

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