Lidl opens first logistics centre in Lithuania

Lidl logistics centre
DELFI (R. Achmedovo nuotr.)

The chain is preparing to launch retail operations in Lithuania this year.

“This distribution centre is the most modern buildings not only in Lithuania, but in the Baltic countries. This modern building is the most important step in opening our stores because this centre will handle all the goods and distribute them,” Lidl Lietuva CEO Radostin Roussev-Peine said at a news conference in the village of Ramučiai, where the centre is located, in Kaunas District.

“This building is very efficient, environmentally friendly and well-managed. We recycle all the waste, we are creating very good environment for our employees and we have a very innovative technological solution for heating,” he said.

Lidl Lietuva invested €38 million into the logistics centre which was completed last year.

Lidl Lietuva is set to open more than 10 retail stores shortly with 30 more stores across the country in the plans.

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