Lithuania bans possession of tobacco products by minors

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Seventy-five MPs voted for amendments to the Law on Tobacco Control, none voted against with 6 abstentions.

Initiators of the proposal say that based on statistics the number of smokers is growing and they are becoming younger.

The authors of the bill hope that the ban on minors to smoke and possess tobacco products will enhance the prevention of smoking among minors and will help reduce the number of minors who smoke.

Earlier the Seimas passed amendments to the Code of Administrative Violations, tightening smoking related penalties.

The Code stipulates that smoking (consumption) of tobacco or related products (electronic cigarettes) or possession of tobacco or related products (electronic cigarettes, their filling containers) will be subject to a fine from EUR 14 to EUR 28 and confiscation of products. Parents will be held accountable if minors aged under 16 will violate the law. For repeated offences a fine between EUR 28 and EUR 86 will be imposed.

Previously the Law on Tobacco Control prohibited only consumption, sale or transfer of tobacco products to minors aged under 18.

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