Lithuania climbs 6 notches to No. 15 in global economic freedom rankings

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

Lithuania is the sixth freest economy among 43 European countries.

With an overall economic freedom score of 74.7 points, up 1.7 points from last year, Lithuania this year remains in the group of “mostly free” countries.

Hong Kong is ranked as the world’s freest economy, while North Korea continues to be the world’s least free economy.

Estonia’s economic freedom score is 76.8 points, making its economy the eight freest in the word and the second freest in Europe. Latvia is ranked 37th in the overall index and 17th in Europe with a score of 69.7 points. Poland is ranked 42nd and 19th, respectively, with 68.6 points, and Belarus is ranked 153rd and 42nd, respectively, with 49.8 points.

Lithuania’s best scores are for economic freedom (number three in the world), trade freedom (11th place), fiscal freedom (18th place) and business freedom (22nd place). Its worst scores are for government spending (107th place), labour freedom (94th place) and freedom from corruption (42nd place).

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