Lithuania drops in world rankings for LGBT rights

In 2013 Lithuania was ranked 31st falling to 33rd in 2014, and to 35th in 2015 in showing a consistent decline in the conditions for LBGT people living in Lithuania compared to other countries.

The new rankings were presented at the European intergovernmental forum of the international LGBT rights organization ILGA-Europe in Copenhagen .

The rankings assessed the legal situation in 49 countries, and the metrics used included the right to equality and non-discrimination, marriage and partnership rights, level of hate speech, legal sex change recognition, freedom of expression and opportunities for individuals, level of persecution because of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and right to apply for asylum.

Baltic State neighbour Estonia was ranked 22nd while Latvia was in 38th position.

Malta was found to have the best conditions for LBGT people in Europe followed by Belgium, United Kingdom, Denmark and Finland. The worst conditions were found in Azerbaijan, Russia, Armenia and Turkey.

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