Lithuania ordered to compensate non-pecuniary damage to lawyers of mercury-polluted court

Ukmergės apylinkės teismas
Ukmergės žinios

Seventeen of the court’s employees were each awarded 1,500 euros in damage, putting the total compensation at 25,500 euros. Compensation was also awarded in individual amounts to eight other lawyers.

If the ruling takes effect, the damages will have to be compensated by the government, as the claim was filed against the state represented by the Cabinet.

In the case, 32 lawyers who earlier worked in the mercury-polluted Ukmerge building, demanded compensation of pecuniary and non-pecuniary damages, each filing suits for 50,000-200,000 euros.

Among the plaintiffs are Ukmerge prosecutors, a judge, court employees and lawyers. Prosecutor General Evaldas Pasilis earlier also worked in the court, however, he did not turn to court.

In December of 2012 through early 2013, fire-and-rescue officers collected about 3 kg of mercury in the courthouse of Ukmerge, central Lithuania.

The building was reportedly closed down due to mercury vapor concentration exceeding the permitted standards thousandfold.

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