Lithuania remains among EU countries with highest waste landfilling rates

Dumpiai wasteland

As compared to 2012, the share of municipal waste landfilled in the country shrank by 15 percentage points to 64 percent.

Higher shares were recorded in Romania (97 pct), Malta (88 pct), Croatia (85 pct), Latvia (83 pct), Greece (81 pct), Cyprus (79 pct), Slovakia (77 pct), Bulgaria (70 pct) and Hungary (65 pct).

In Estonia, the respective share was meagre 16 percent.
In 2013, 21 percent of the municipal waste in Lithuania was recycled, 8 percent composted and 7 percent incinerated.

Across the EU, 31 percent of the municipal waste was landfilled, 28 percent recycled, 15 percent composted and 26 percent incinerated.
The highest municipal waste recycling rates in the EU were recorded in Slovenia (55 pct), Germany (47 pct), Belgium and Ireland (both 34 pct).
The amount of municipal waste generated per person in 2013 amounted to 433 kilograms in Lithuania, more than in Latvia (312 kg) or Estonia (293 kg).

Across the EU, the amount of municipal waste generated per person totalled 481 kilograms.

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