Lithuania to launch centralized system of patients’ medical records

In the initial phase, 176 state-run medical institutions and about 4,000 pharmacies will join the system by the beginning of November.

“From now on, all of the country’s medical institutions will have to transfer all the information they have,” Health Minister Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė told journalists at the launch ceremony on Monday.

“If everything goes as planned, even dispensaries or nurses in elderships will work with the system by 2018. Pessimists say countries of the European Union and the US do not have a fully-electronic health system. We may be the first ones to make Lithuania famous, as both Estonia and Latvia are interested in our achievements,” said the minister.

Her adviser for the e-health project Arvydas Skorupskas said data will not be transferred to other institutions without a patient’s consent – it will only be accessible to doctors whom the patient registers with and gives their consent to.

In his words, private clinics will also be required to join the system.

Financed by the EU and Lithuania, the system cost over 28 million euros.

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