Lithuanian army forming response forces

Chief of Defence of Lithuania, Major General Vytautas Jonas Žukas
DELFI / Kiril Čachovskij

Speaking at a news conference, he said the response forces will consist of 2,500 trained soldiers. One immediate standby unit expected to respond within 2 hours will be formed through the reorganization of existing capabilities, and others would have a 24-hour response deadline.

Legal amendments providing for the operation of such units during peacetime as well were on Monday presented at the Ministry of National Defence.

“Speaking about the rapid response forces, I would like to mention that I have given the order to form them as of November 1. They will consist of two battalion combat groups as well as air force, special force and logistic support elements. Battalion combat groups are battalion-size military units formed for combat tasks and consisting of intelligence, fire support, combat support, air defence, engineering and other capabilities. Each of them will consist of around 800 troops. One group will be formed on the basis of the Lithuanian Grand Duke Algirdas Mechanized Infantry Battalion and the other one – on the basis the Grand Duchess Birutė Motorized Infantry Battalion,” the chief of defence of Lithuania said.

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