Lithuanian businesses expect dental tourism boom from US due to weak euro

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For many US travellers the price of hotels just got 25-30% cheaper. This is not just good news for hotels, all service-orientated businesses and cultural events will see the benefit of a weak euro.

Alistair Day-Stirrat, the British director at Odontika dental clinic in Vilnius, says they have already seen an increase over previous years of US patients booking summer appointment times. This is the time people are naturally beginning to plan their summer vacations.

The distance between US and Lithuania is “prohibitive for dental tourism” in Alistair’s opinion. “However, when people look at the total costs of travel, accommodation, eating out and sightseeing, the weak euro is certainly making the difference.”

A brief scan of the website Complete Dental Implant Cost Guide is all you need to see why coming to Lithuania for dental treatment is so appealing. The average price of a dental implant in the United States is now four times the price in Lithuania, about USD 600. Even the cheapest US price is nearly double the average Lithuanian price. An implant is only part of the process though. An abutment and crown for a single tooth adds an extra USD 500 to 3,000 in the US and USD 350-450 in Lithuania.

Alistair explains that “the price of tooth implants depends on a number of factors including what dentist or surgeon you go to, the type of implant and procedure, how many and which teeth you need replacing, how many implants are required to support these teeth, is bone graft needed”. Alistair goes on to say, “wherever you go, ask the dentist how many implants they do a year. If less than 100 just ask yourself is the dentist experienced.”

A 3 or 4 tooth bridge mounted on two implants can cost anywhere from USD 5,000 to USD 15,000 (the average being USD 8,500). In Lithuania, this costs now about USD 3000. While a top and bottom supported denture on average costs USD 34,000, in Lithuania this is no more than USD 15,000.

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