Lithuanian football team moves up in FIFA world ranking

Lietuvos futbolo rinktinė

According to the new ranking list that was published earlier this month, the new rank of the Lithuanian team is 94 in the world. Conversely, England is 17th in the world. England lost two places and went out from top 15 nations in the world.

Lithuania is one spot ahead of Latvia. Lithuania has 364 ranking points while its neighbor in the north has 361 points. Latvia managed to improve its position by five places and took the 96th place. Estonia, that is competing against Lithuania in Euro qualification Group E is taking the 87th place after loosing two places in the world ranking. Estonia has 379 ranking points while England has 1031 points.

Lithuania, that is playing in Group E, is ranked currently at the fourth place which is not leading to the Euro 2016 hosted by France. The match against England is critical, but not decisive. Switzerland, that is number three, has six points as well as Lithuania and they are going to play in a tough home match against Estonia which is number five with four points and also wants to fight for its first qualification to the Euro.

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