Lithuanian government prepares to implement OECD’s suggestions

The Cabinet of ministers on Monday started discussing the implementation plan for the OECD’s recommendations, and the discussions will continue after ministries revise their proposals by June 13.

“Our remark was that the plan should be revised and only include the measures that should be completed by the first quarter of 2018. We see the plan as a measure that is useful for Lithuania’s membership, and we would not write long instruments, no matter how important they are, until the 2025-2028 period,” Deputy Minister of Finance Algimantas Rimkūnas told journalists after the meeting.

In his words, the plan includes reforms in the tax and education sectors, state-run companies and other areas.

In March, the OECD presented recommendations for Lithuania, advising it to continue its efforts against tax evasion and improve the efficiency of budget spending, particularly in the fields of education and health care. The OECD also recommended reorganising the management of state-run companies and introducing fiscal policies to cope with an ageing society and the fiscal challenges that may result from possible macroeconomic shocks.

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