Lithuanian MP says lifting VAT exemption on heating is morally wrong

Mečislovas Zasčiurinskas
DELFI / Tomas Vinickas

The MP of the Labour Party said that lifting the VAT exemption on heating is socially unjust. “Yes, the rich also use it, but revoking VAT exemption on heating would be even more unjust, both morally and politically. Statements that social justice against the rich will be restored are a speculation. It is very interesting how many rich people there are in Lithuania and how many of them take advantage of the reduced rate,” said the politician.

The MP reminded that the prime minister had assured that VAT exemption would not be lifted this year, but now he has changed his opinion. “Although it is no news that the prime minister’s opinions change frequently, however, it would be moral to start keeping promises. On the other hand, after proclaiming that heating prices will decrease as gas and oil prices fall, the statements that everything will be done for taxes not to rise is a cynical mockery,” the MP said.

According to him, the Government should consider revoking the reduced VAT rate only when pensions that were cut during the crisis are returned and the minimum monthly salary is increased again.

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