Lithuanian PM supports forced alcoholism treatment

“I am definitely in favour of such a decision. Although some criticise such proposals, but, first of all, it is those families with an alcohol-addicted member which suffer the most and where children see the bad example. It would suggest introducing this new order but, of course, it should be clearly defined by laws,” the head of the Government said on the radio Žinių Radijas on Thursday.

According to him, health professionals and legal experts should find a consensus on mandatory alcoholism treatment.

“The implementation of the decision should last for about a year, in order to draft laws and ensure that only the court is to pass a decision over somebody’s mandatory treatment. There should be medical findings, family members’ consent, a special facility for treatment, a treatment programme,” PM Butkevičius said.

The idea to introduce treatment for people with alcohol addiction without their consent has been proposed by Healthcare Minister Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė. Some experts have raised concerns that forced treatment would violate people’s rights.

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