Lithuanian PM to have serious conversation with Labour Party

Viktor Uspaskich and Algirdas Butkevičius
DELFI / Valdas Kopūstas

After brief holidays, the Coalition partners will have to address the issue of their relationships. Butkevičius made no secret that he regards the Labour Party‘s actions during the deliberations of the 2015 budget law a betrayal.

“We will indeed have a serious conversation on our future collaboration. Such misunderstanding when the most important law in Lithuania is considered does not build mutual trust,” the prime minister told the national radio.

According to the head of Government, when the 2015 budget was being debated in parliament, coalition partners agreed to act in solidarity and adopt only decisions that would find approval in the political council.

The prime minister said that recently the Labour Party betrayed the Coalition, but the betrayal came to light. According to Butkevičius, Viktor Uspaskich, the de facto leader of the Labour Party, blackmailed his party members because they failed to rehabilitate him and prove that the criminal case against him was politically motivated.

However, members of the Labour Party did not submit to his will, the budget was not completely derailed and was eventually passed. “At least they have not lost their mind. Only certain additional amendments were registered, but the situation will be managed as I am observing the geopolitical situation and economic changes not only in Lithuania but in Europe and the world,” said Butkevičius.

The ruling coalition consists of the Social Democratic Party, the Labour Party and the Order and Justice party.

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