Lithuanian readers’ choice Books of the Year announced

DELFI / Mindaugas Ažušilis

Vladas Braziūnas book of poems “Table Mountain” (Lithuanian Writers’ Union Publishers) took the top award in the poetry category and Rebeka Una “Disconnect” (Alma Littera) won in the teenage category.

In children’s book category, Ramunė Savickytė’s “Adele’s Diary. Autumn” (Charity Foundation” shine Children “) took the top award.

In her collection of essays, “Out of The Two I Pick The Third: My Little Odyssey”, Cyprus-based author Staponkutė reflects on her situation in-between cultures, on her efforts to maintain ties with her Lithuanian roots despite an inevitable gap between generations. It’s a book about being torn between two homelands, accepting one’s own imperfections and mistakes and realizing that one’s true home is language which is always bigger than the world.

Braziūnas’ book of poetry, “Table Mountain”, weaves together Lithuanian mythology, landscape, the author’s wanderings and doubts. The poet explores his subconscious, history, god and a person’s place in the world. Braziūnas’ rich vocabulary and sensitivity to language are indisputable. Still, he does not flood the reader with quaint archaic words, his poems are light, elegant and flowing.

Una’s dystopian story “Disconnect” explores how modern technology and science, which help human kind perfect itself, also deprive people of human emotion, individuality, communication and, above all, ability to experience an all-encompassing closeness of another human being.

Savickytė’s short story “Adele’s Diary. Autumn” presents reflections on home and school in the form of a 10-year-old girl’s diary. Adele meets her new teacher whom she gets to know, understand and even like.

The awards are organised and supported by the Ministry of Culture, Lithuanian National Radio and Television (LRT), the National Library and National literacy and cultural association.

The aim of the awards is to increase Lithuanians’ interest in contemporary Lithuanian literature, present the best of contemporary Lithuanian literary works, and raise the prestige of reading in Lithuanian society.

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