Lithuanian stunt motorcycle star wows viewers in India and around the world

Gibieža seems more graceful on a high-powered motorcycle than most of us are on our feet, doing delicate pirouettes, elegant wheelies and gravity-defying poses atop specially modified superbikes like the Suzuki GSX-R 1000 or a Ninja 636. He tries to spend about 5 hours a day on his motorcycle perfecting old tricks and learning or devising new ones.

The stunt driver considers himself to be one of the sport’s pioneers in Lithuania, according to an interview he had in India with The Hindu. He got his first taste of two-wheeled adrenaline when he was just 10 years old and his grandfather bought him a Suzuki RG50 scooter.

His first superbike, a Yamaha R6, took him to racing competitions throughout the Baltics and Europe. Eventually, however, he switched his focus to stunt driving. The many competitions and honors he has won become all the more impressive given that he is only 26 years old.

Recently, Gibieža embarked on a tour of Indian cities that will draw to a close on May 15th on which he will wow audiences in Bangalore, Mumbai and other Indian cities.

Despite his dangerous stunts, Gibieža told The Hindu that safety is important to him. “I tried taking my bike around the city in India, but the traffic is overwhelming. I see people on two-wheelers without helmets. In Europe, you wouldn’t see a single person without protective gear. As much as I love taking risks, I am also a stickler for safety. Therefore, I request all bikers to please wear helmets. Don’t just wear it when you see a cop; it’s for your safety.”

Here’s a video of stunts performed during a similar tour in 2015:

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