Lithuanian taxi app to offer Uber-like services

The company said in a statement that it had started signing up drivers on December 22 and that the pilot project will complement eTAKSI’s traditional taxi services.

“Our new services are not setting a precedent in Lithuania, so the legal framework is already in preparation. Government officials have repeatedly noted that they do not see any significant legal obstacles to such activities after we have informed them about our intentions, so we decided to launch a pilot project,” said Andrius Norkaitis, eTAKSI director.

The so-called ride sharing service pioneered by Uber uses GPS data to match clients and drivers who are not licensed taxi drivers. Uber launched its app in Vilnius in November.

eTAKSI plans to use the legal “grey area” opened up by Uber and offer similar service, matching non-taxi drivers with clients. eTAKSI drivers are required to have at least three years of driving experience and drive a car that is not more than 12 years old and in good condition. The drivers will also have to provide documentation proving they have no criminal convictions or penalties for violating traffic rules.

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