Lithuanian truckers told not to stop within 300km of Calais because of illegal immigrants

Calais, France

Donatas Niekus, head of logistics at the transportation and freight forwarding company Baltic Transline, says that drivers are given safety instructions before each trip.

For example, drivers heading for Calais are instructed not to pull over within 300 kilometers of the French port, which has ferry and tunnel connections to the UK.

Once in Calais, Baltic Transline’s trucks are checked by a private French security firm hired by the haulage company before they can cross to Britain.

Niekus says that the service is costly, but it allows the company to avoid the risk of being fined or the entire truck load being destroyed.

“If a stowaway is found inside the truck on the arrival in the UK, the load and the vehicle are detained. If food products are transported, the entire load is utilized,” he said.

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