Lithuanian UN envoy: International community should take action to support Ukraine

Lithuanian UN Ambassador Raimonda Murmokaitė

In her words, the end of the war is up to Russia, as it was Russia that started the war.

The Lithuanian diplomat called for implementation of the Minsk accords reached in the Belarusian capital in September of 2014 and this February.

“According to these agreements, all the detainees, including Ukrainian pilot Nadiya Savchenko, who spent over 80 days on a hunger strike, should be released. It is important to ensure that the OSCE Monitoring Mission in Ukraine to be given unhindered access to all areas,” said the Lithuanian ambassador, noting that “there are doubts whether the armed groups deprive weaponry, or use a cover to obtain more.”

Russia must stop destabilization of the situation in Eastern Ukraine and support armed groups operating there, the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry said in a press release.

Lithuania has warned that any attempts by the Russia-backed militants to seek gaining control of additional territory will be a clear breach of the Minsk agreements and will seriously undermine all efforts promoting a sustainable political solution.

At the UN Security Council meeting, Jeffrey Feltman, the UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs, said the UN had not received a thorough Ukrainian request for details of the peace-keeping operation.

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