Lithuanians are most avid online news consumers in EU

As much as 94 percent of individuals aged 16-74 have used the internet in the last 3 months to read news and in this respect are in the 1st place in the EU, confidently ahead of other Member States.

“Lithuanians have distinguished in the EU as avid consumers of online media for several years now. The possibility to receive all news of interest quickly, conveniently and for free are one of the most important factors encouraging regular use of the internet. This is typical in the Baltic States, online media is very popular in Estonia and Latvia as well, which are ranked in the EU 2nd and 4th respectively,” commented Ieva Žilionienė, Deputy Director of the Information Society Development Committee under the Ministry of Transport and Communications.

According to statistics, 79 percent of Lithuanians made online video calls, placing Lithuania in the 2nd place in the EU. 74 percent used online banking services, 7th in the EU. 65 percent used social networks, more than the average in the EU, putting Lithuania in the 12th place.

However, only 36 percent of Lithuanians shop online, 25th place in the EU, compared to the 63 percent average in the EU. Moreover, only 8.4 percent of households that have a TV used video on demand services, in this regard Lithuania is in the last 26th place.

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