Lithuanians asked to pay for ammo after leaving professional military service early

During an exercise
J.Butkutės nuotr.

The servicemen believe that they are thus being blackmailed into staying in the Armed Forces, but the military say that the men have to cover the expenses because they have terminated their professional military service contracts prior to expiration.

“I joined a machine-gun course and now they are asking me to pay the bill. When I inquired, it turned out that I have to pay for the bullets, trainers’ salaries and social insurance. (The bill amounts) to 600 euros after depreciation, down from the initial 1,800 euros,” one of the servicemen said.

Both servicemen are now in the military reserve.

Under the law, if a professional military serviceman terminates his contract early, he must reimburse the defense system for the costs incurred in providing him with additional competences and qualifications, Teisutis Jasiulionis, director of the Armed Forces’ Law Department, told the paper.

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