Lithuanians do not buy more weapons due to geopolitical tensions

According to the daily, no significant increase in the number of weapons for self-defence has been observed. Ramūnas Matonis, the head of the Communications Division at the Police Department, said the increase has been stable, as compared to earlier years.

As compared with 2013, the number of revolvers last year went up by 751, combined rifles by 156 and smooth-bore weapons by 39. Asked whether the increase in statistics could be linked with the current geopolitical situation or the nation’s strife to be ready for any danger the state may face, the Police Department’s spokesman restated that no market increase in the number of weapons has been observed.

Statistics suggest that civilians register slightly more weapons in Lithuania. In 2013, the number of registered rifles stood at 30,090, as compared with 31,879 last year. The number of revolvers was 25,641 in 2013, up to 26,392 in 2014.

Meanwhile, the nation’s interest in volunteer national defence is growing much faster – the number of volunteer soldiers was 4,300 a year ago, as compared with the current number of nearly 4,600.

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