Lithuanians giving more to charities, non-profits and NGOs

DELFI / Domantas Pipas

Every year, residents of Lithuania can request that 2% of the income taxes they’ve paid to the government would be redirected to the non-profit or charity of their choice.

Saulės high school, for example, used the funds received to purchase educational robots. The school’s director, Irena Baranauskienė, said that the money is also used to clean, renovate and modernise the school’s facilities.

Nongovernmental organisations say that many organisations compete for access to 2% of people’s income taxes.

“Nongovernmental organisations always imagined that this financing mechanism was reserved just for them. However, schools and hospitals can also receive this support, so the competition has been especially stiff recently,” said Inga Langaitė, head of the Geros Valios Projektai non-profit.

“Of course, there are cases when people’s personal information is used and the requests are falsified. There are cases like this every year, so I’d like to encourage people to fill out their requests electronically, which will make the process easier and will secure the taxpayer’s personal information,” said Rasa Virvilienė, director of the Legal Department at the VMI.

Last year, the Lithuanian military received most 2% transfer requests. Animal shelters, charity and support funds, churches, and organisations for the disabled were also actively supported.

For more information about how to fill out a 2% income tax redirection form, click here. Please keep in mind that the Lithuania Tribune is also a non-profit organisation that could use your support!

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