Lithuanians go on holiday abroad more often than average Europeans

Vida Press

32 percent of Lithuanians spent their main holidays in Lithuania, while the average in Europe was 40 percent. The ones to holiday in their own countries most are Greeks (84 percent) and Croats (80 percent). 39 percent of the polled EU residents indicated to have gone on holiday in other EU countries while 21 percent opted for non-EU countries.

Most Lithuanians (54 percent), similarly as the average European, said that the main source of information deciding on holiday plans are recommendations from friends, colleagues or relatives. 39 percent of Lithuanians plan their holidays using information provided online.

“All inclusive holiday packages” are the most frequently chosen in the whole EU by residents of Lithuania, Belgium and Luxembourg – 39 percent. Such holidays are the least popular in Finland and Sweden – 17 percent.

The survey revealed that assessing their holidays in 2014 Lithuanians were mostly pleased about the natural features of a holiday destination and the quality of accommodation. Meanwhile they were mostly displeased about the general level of prices and the quality of the activities or services available.

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