Lithuanians in UK ‘shocked’ by Brexit


“We’re in shock. Literally, in shock. The majority of us had hoped the Remain would win by a narrow majority,” she said. “Nobody knows what will happen next.”

Lithuanians living in the UK are facing uncertainty over their status as London and Brussels will discuss it during the UK’s withdrawal negotiations.

Asanaviciute said British Prime Minister David Cameron, who announced his resignation on Friday, said immigrants living in the country could feel safe for the next two years of negotiations with the EU.

But Tomas Matulionis, a UK resident, said Lithuanians in Britain are facing “total” uncertainty.

Having lived in the UK for the last six years, Matulionis expressed his anger at Britain’s decision to leave the EU, comparing pro-Brexiters with imperialists.

“Progressive people think differently, and people who still think about Britain’s imperialist times, think otherwise,” Matulionis said. “It’s a slap in the face of all of us who came here and helped to build the economy. There’s no nationalism here, just a conservative way of thinking of country people“.

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