Lithuanians’ trust in government institutions grows

Based on the data of the poll commissioned by ELTA news agency and carried out on 19-28 June by pollster Baltijos Tyrimai, the most trusted institution was the State Fire and Rescue Service. In June, trust in the institution grew and reached 89 percent.

Compared to a similar poll in May, trust in the police grew by 5 percentage points to reach 62 percent. Over the past month, ratings of the following institutions increased by 3 percentage points: the Government, the Bank of Lithuania and the press. The only institution to receive negative rankings was the Social the Security Fund Board.

According to the data of the poll, the least trusted institutions were: Parliament (73 percent), commercial banks (61 percent), courts (59 percent), the Government (55 percent), the Prosecutor’s Office (53 percent), customs (53 percent) and municipalities (50 percent).

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